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How to Deal With Your Insurance Company's Adjuster

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Before you hire a public insurance claim adjuster, you will first work with your insurance company's adjuster. During this time, you will be required to submit documentation and proof of your losses. Even if you think you have a clear claim with your insurance company, you may not get the results you desire. However, you can still get the results and settlement you desire from your insurance. Here are some things to know about dealing with an insurance adjuster.

Read Your Policy

Make sure that your insurance company covers the loss that you are seeking compensation for. Even if you are very familiar with your insurance, there may be certain details that you may not have noticed before.

If certain issues are common in your area, then your insurance company may have specifically excluded that issue from your policy. In other cases, you may need additional coverage for certain perils.

Stay Organized

Keep a folder or binder with all your insurance-related information in one place. Also, include any photos of the damage or any estimates you've received. Keep an itemized list of everything you've lost. If possible, include receipts, especially if you are claiming for personal property loss. Keep track of any letters or conversations between you and your insurance adjuster.

Know the Market Rates

Do your research and find out what a fair price to repair your damage is. If you can, get a few different estimates. That way, you will know if your insurance company's offer is enough to cover your repairs. Show these estimates to your insurance company. If they make an offer that is way beneath your lowest estimate, then ask them for justification for their decision.

Try to Negotiate

Consider your insurance company's offer carefully and don't accept it right away. Don't settle if you think the offer is not fair. If you think the adjuster has valued your claim too low, then try to negotiate. Show them documentation that substantiates your claim for a higher amount. Be fair and rational with your negotiation techniques.

Hire a Public Insurance Claim Adjuster

If you have difficulties with your insurance company, especially after an unsuccessful result, then a public insurance adjuster may be able to help. A public insurance adjuster will handle everything about your claim. This person works for you and will do his or her own assessment to come to a conclusion about your claim. He or she will then work with your insurance company to either reverse your denial or get you a better settlement.