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4 Things To Know About SR-22 Insurance

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If you've had your driving license revoked, then you might be able to get it back on a conditional basis. For example, you might get your license back if you file proof of SR-22 insurance.

What do you need to know about the SR-22 system?

1. SR-22 Isn't An Auto Insurance Policy

While people talk about SR-22 insurance, this documentation isn't actually an insurance policy. It is proof of auto insurance coverage.

If you're under threat of losing your license because of an accident or your driving record or have lost it already, then your state might require you to show proof that you have a minimum amount of auto liability insurance. You can't legally drive without this proof.

An SR-22 is a formal document that proves that you have the auto insurance you need. You can request this document from your current auto insurance provider if you have one. Or you can get it from a new insurer if you don't already have coverage.

2. You Might Need To Pay To File An SR-22

While you are responsible for organizing an SR-22, your insurance company will manage the logistics of lodging this proof with the relevant state department. You don't need to have the document in your vehicle; it goes on your database record.

You simply have to request an SR-22 from your insurer; they then do the rest. However, you might have to pay extra for this service. Some companies charge a filing fee. If your driving record is impaired, then your premium costs could also be higher than the norm.

3. You Might Need An SR-22 Even If You Don't Own A Car

Car owners aren't the only people who need SR-22s. You might still need to file this insurance proof if you will occasionally drive a vehicle owned by someone else. The other person's insurance won't meet your license obligations here.

Here, you have to file a non-owner SR-22. You typically also need non-ownership liability insurance coverage to get this.

4. You Have To Stay Insured Until Your Record Clears

SR-22s don't typically last forever. You will be told how long you need to keep this proof in place before your license clears again.

It's important to meet these conditions. If you close down your auto insurance coverage without starting a new policy with a new SR-22, then you could get in trouble. Your original insurer will notify your state that your policy with them has ended.

To find out more about what you need from SR-22 insurance, contact auto insurance providers.