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2 Tips For Finding An Affordable Insurance Policy For Your New Vehicle

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If you are planning to or have recently purchased a new vehicle, you may be in the process of shopping around for car insurance. Since the car is brand-new, you will need to have comprehensive and collision coverage on the policy. Because full coverage can increase the premium, you may be looking at ways to make it more affordable. There are a couple of things that you can do to find an affordable insurance policy for your new vehicle.

1.  Find Out If You Can Bundle Other Items With the Insurance Policy

One thing that you can do to help make your insurance premium more affordable is to first take a look at other items that you already have insurance on. These include your home, other family cars, and recreational vehicles, such as a boat or motorcycle.

After listing these items, find out from the insurance company if they offer policy bundles for everything you need. If they do offer bundles, such as combining your car and homeowner's insurance policies, they may give you a discount for purchasing both policies through them.

If they also include recreational vehicle insurance, you may wind up saving even more money on policies you are already required to hold.

2.  Ask About Any Discounts the Insurance Company May Offer

Along with finding out whether you can bundle your insurance needs into one package, you should also ask about any discounts that the company offers for car owners. Some companies offer programs that allow you to earn discounts by completing the requirements.

For example, they may have a list of defensive driving courses that you can take to prove that you are trying to be a responsible driver. If you have a teenager who will also be driving the car, having them attend these courses along with you could cut the premium down immensely.

For your teenager, the agent may tell you that they reward them for being responsible enough to have good grades. The company may even give discounts for safety features on the car itself, such as airbags or anti-theft devices.

When you are shopping around for a policy for your new car, finding out if your vehicle can be bundled with your home insurance and asking about discount programs can help you find a policy that gives you the coverage you need while saving you money on the premiums. Contact an agent with a car insurance company near you to find out about your policy options as well as discuss things that you can do to cut the cost.