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What to Know About Comprehensive Auto Insurance

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Are you in the process of buying auto insurance, but not sure if you need comprehensive coverage because you do not fully understand what it is? Then you should know that it is supposed to cover the costs associated with things other than a collision with another vehicle. These are things that are typically out of your control but will make sure that your car is protected if it were to require some sort of repair or total replacement. Here is what you need to know about what is covered with this type of auto insurance so that you can determine whether it's ideal for you.

1. Theft

One thing that can happen to your completely unpredictable vehicle is theft. You may have an alarm system with your vehicle, but you can still be a victim of theft when you least expect it. Comprehensive coverage can help pay to fix the vehicle damage caused when the person broke into your vehicle, which includes broken glass, door handles, and locks. Comprehensive coverage can also cover the items in your vehicle that were stolen during the break-in. If your vehicle was stolen and is completely missing, you will receive the depreciated value that your vehicle is worth. 

2. Natural Disasters

There are a variety of natural disasters that will be covered if they cause damage to your vehicle. The most common one you'll run into is hail damage from your vehicle being left outside since hail can cause a lot of damage with dents and paint chips that ruin the look of your vehicle. In addition. Flooding is considered a natural disaster. If your vehicle was parked in an area where water levels started to rise and actually got into your vehicle, then you would be covered to repair the damage and restore your car.

3. Fire

If your car happens to catch on fire, and it's not due to getting in an accident, then comprehensive coverage will have you covered. This would be a situation where the vehicle was parked in your garage and the garage caught on fire. Your home insurance coverage will likely not pay for your vehicle, which is why you would need comprehensive coverage. 

4. Animal Damage

A common sight that you have likely seen in the past is a vehicle colliding with an animal in the road, such as a deer. This is actually a situation that requires comprehensive coverage since you are not hitting another vehicle when the damage happened.