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Two Reasons To Bundle Your Auto & Renter's Insurance With The Same Company

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There's a certain feeling of assuredness you get when you have great insurance coverage. A minor fender bender could result in serious financial costs, and even if you make a considerable amount of money, you still may not be too thrilled at the prospect of having to shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars to cover the fallout. Your car insurance is usually mandatory and it's also a good practice to keep an activity policy on your apartment. Whether you're in the market for new insurance or if you have separate auto and renter's policies, see why you may want to bundle with the same insurer.

Make Life Easier With A Single Due Date

Trying to keep up with your bills can become a job within itself. Tracking the various due dates to make sure you don't overlook a payment is often tough when you already have so many other tasks to juggle each day. The goal is to simplify your life as much as possible, as opposed to putting even more responsibility on your plate. Bundling your insurance with a single company consolidates two separate bills into one.

When you decide to delegate all of your insurance needs to one insurance company you can take another due date off your calendar. It might seem like a minor move on the surface but you can breathe a sigh of relief when you don't have to worry about lapsing because you forgot a payment.

Save Money By Bundling

Another reason why bundling is a wise decision is because of the savings. It's said that you could possibly save as much as 25 percent just by combining your car and renter's insurance with one insurer. If you currently pay much more for either coverage than you would like to and have exhausted every other discount in efforts to drive the costs down, just think of what you could do with the extra money!

Save for a dream getaway, install a new stereo in your vehicle, buy new furniture to spruce up your place, or simply place the cash into an account so it can grow. Every little bit helps and when you don't have to pay so much for insurance the money can add up fast.

Take a load off your shoulders while boosting your pockets at the same time. Ask your insurance agent about bundle discounts and set up both coverages on one policy right away. Contact an insurance company for more information.